Hunting lodge

Owing to the abandonment of an infrastructure provision, Fischhorn was successful in preserving several areas to remain unaffected and near-natural. The hunters have the opportunityto reside in 8 lodges which can be reached within one or two hours of walking distance.




We hunt following types of deer:

  • chamois deer
  • red deer
  • roe deer
  • moufflon
  • marmot
  • heathcock

We currently don’t hunt ibexes.

Our philosophy:ibexes 

Preservation of the traditional hunting values. Consideration of the altered ecological and social frameworks. In addition the Gutsverwaltung Fischhorn aims at a conservation of an undisturbed retreat as large as possible. The deer should be enabled to behave diurnal in their familiar environment.

We offer:

Hunting on trophies in form of single shots and preferred partnerships.

You can receive further information if requested.